My amazing father died after a short battle with cancer in September 2013. This is his site, and it remains online to recognise the full variety of his artisitic interest and talent.

Who was this Colin Robinson anyway?

People and Places. Colin Robinson's work includes conventional pictures, typically people in their environments across the world.

If you would like to buy or have any other interest in his images, please contact Matt Robinson. Please respect the copyright on all the images on this site.

Much of Colin's work is informed by the pop art of the 1960s. One theme has been exploring the artificial image of women, those who wear make-up and high heels.Colin exhibited and sold signed giclée prints mostly in small limited editions.



Colin held the John Aston collection of photographs of painter Pauline Boty.

Enquiries to Matt Robinson 

With Martina Selway, Colin worked on images of Pauline, mimicking her own pop art style. 

Another of Colin's interests was social and family history as seen in old photographs. For his advice and experience built over many years, please see

caring for old photographs

restoring old photos